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Gee Dark is a producer for Darkstarz Productionz Inc. A producer and lyricist extraordinaire, Gee is known for his dark melodic tracks, realistic flows and creative form. He is very versatile when it comes to music, rapping in English and Spanish, singing hooks and creating signature beats, Gee seeks nothing but perfection. With the intention of bringing back music with emotions and soul. Here are the different rights available for purchasing: Leasing Rights $20-100 (Per Beat) With Leasing Rights you are allowed to make one master recording for profitable commercial or broadcast purposes, but you are limited to duplicating/replicating/pressing that recording for no more than 3000 copies through a profitable medium (i.e. LP, EP, Mixtapes, etc). Your Leasing Rights contract can be extended (2) times increasing the limitation to of copies. Your Leasing Rights contract remains intact even after Exclusive Rights are sold to someone else later on, as long as the Leasing Rights were purchased beforehand. Exclusive Rights $300+ (Per Beat) Thus allows you to use the track exclusively for profitable recordings. With these kinds of rights, you and the producers are bound to an agreement where they cannot resell the track to anyone without your consent, and you cannot do the same. Full Rights $700+ (Per Beat) Thus gives you the ability to keep all the rights to the track you've purchased. This means you get all the copyrights, you get all the tracked out versions of the track, and all the information that might go along with it. We no longer hold any responsibility for the track. These rights are the most important, and most expensive. Let us know if interested Samples are the responsibilty of buyer to clear if they are using a track on a recording being sold.

Dr dre, Timbaland, eminem, scott storch, rza, kayne west, wutang, dj premier, pete rock, D.I.T.C
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